The impact we have made over time could not have been possible without the contribution of hundreds of people from all over the world with time, skills, ideas, physical labour and finances. Your kind contributions ensure that the projects we undertake continue on. Chirag is currently trying to raise resources for the following:

Donations given to Chirag School will be utilized to support the students, the teachers as well as the support staff. Your donation will also allow development of resources to enrich the learning experience at the school. Read more about the school here
Donations given towards the Scholarship for girls program will be utilized to support activities such as tutorials, life skills training, medical checkups for the girls, workshops with the parents and teachers, and more. Read more about the Scholarship for girls program here.
The funds donated to the Hospital will be utilized to meet the cost of treatment of patients, to buy drugs and other medical material as well as to support our doctors and support staff. To know more about Chirag hospital click here.

Donations that support the spring recharge program will go towards engineering measures, grass plantation on terraces, staff support and capacity building activities such as community training.  To know more about the Spring Recharge program click here.
Donations given to this initiative will go mainly towards trees and plants nursery and plantation activities. A small portion of the donations will go towards supporting our staff members. To know more about the “Plant a tree” initiative, click here.
Donate old laptops, CPUs, printers & digital cameras (must be in good working conditions) to help our area teams function better. Please write us at for more information.  

If you wish to make an electronic transfer or would rather deposit money directly into our account, please write to us at

Alternatively, Cheques may be made out to “Central Himalayan Rural Action Group” and sent to this address:
Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG)
Village Simayal, P.O. Nathuwakhan
District Nainital 263 158
Uttarakhand. India

Note that a small portion of the donations (around 7%) will go towards administrative expenses.

All donations made in India to Chirag are eligible for benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act subject to existing limits under the Act. Donors in the United States of America can support Chirag’s programs using the secure online services from Give2Asia.