Chirag Hospital

Chirag Hospital at Sargakhet

The Curative Health Programme started in the Mukteshwar block of District Nainital, in 1987 in response to the lack of health care facility in the region. Therefore, Chirag started its work by setting up of a RHC (Rural Health Centre) in Sitla and in Sargakhet. The focus of our Health Program has always been maternal and child care, awareness camps, ante and post natal care, safe delivery, immunization, monitoring growth of children under the age of five, and family planning counselling.

In January 2009, the Chirag Hospital was built and inaugurated at Sargakhet, on a land that was kindly donated to us by a family of the region. The hospital efforts are focussed on women and child health, but also provide much needed emergency services to the region. The facilities at the Hospital include a laboratory, an X-ray facility, ECG machine, treatment rooms, a delivery room, a dentist station, a general ward with six beds and two private rooms. The curative services are managed by doctors trained in Ayurveda, modern medicine and surgery. Specialists with an expertise in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and pediatrics are invited to conduct camps in the hospital.

The number of patients using Chirag facilities has increased steadily over the years and it is heartening that close to half of them are women. Since 2009, the hospital has treated almost 15,000 outpatients. Referrals are sometimes made to hospitals or nursing homes in Almora, Nainital and Haldwani.

The hospital is looking for a full time dentist, a pathologist and a general physician to join its team. Additionally, the hospital invites individuals with medical background to volunteer for short durations. Interested individuals can write to or call at +91-94120-85732.