Chirag Students

At the Chirag School, we accept new students every year for the preschool group. Since our learning approach is based on the child’s brain development, we have to be very strict about the age of the new students, to ensure that they are all at the same development stage. Therefore, we only accept student aged from 3 ½ to 4.

Our selection criteria are based on gender, as well as the socio-economic background of the family. We try to keep an equal number of girls and boys and we give preference to children who come from the most vulnerable families. In 2013, we have a total of 98 students out of which 52 are girls and 46 are boys. Partial and full scholarships have been provided to those who can not afford to pay the school fees. In 2012, 21 of our students benefited from such support and in 2013, the selected students will all receive full scholarships. We also try to give priority to children who live closest to the school. In total, we have students living in 10 different villages, all situated in the area surrounding Chirag’s main office and School.