Scholarships for Girls

Chirag provides scholarship to girls coming from financially and socially-weak backgrounds and who, due to a variety of reasons, may be at risk of dropping out of school early. Two main selection criteria include socio-economic status of the household as well as the girls’ academic prowess. The selection process includes the following:

1. Gram Panchayats are requested to send in names of girls in their villages who meet the socio-economic criteria outlined by Chirag.
2. The girls then appear for a test, basis which a shortlist is prepared for girls eligible for the scholarship.
3. Visits are paid to the homes of the shortlisted girls to verify that they meet the socio-economic criteria.

Apart from financial support for their education from the 6th to 12th grade, we also aim to equip the girls with the necessary life skills needed to evolve into educated, empowered women. To do so, we organize different workshops concerning topics such as vocational training and personality development and offer career counselling. There are currently 104 girls from 67 villages who take part in this program.