Chirag Students

Our goal is to demonstrate that quality education for rural children can be provided at an affordable cost. The school envisions itself as a model on which educational endeavours in the region can be based. Female students, children from economically weaker sections and children of single parents are given preference during the admissions process. We accept student aged from 3 ½ to 4.

The school believes in providing experiential learning to its students and in order to ensure personal attention to all students, the number of students per class is capped at a maximum of 18. In the year 2023-24 the school has 120 students from preschool through class 5, 6 teachers, 2 support staff, 2 volunteers and 1 school leader. The school has a building each for the pre-primary and the primary section and a separate one for the office. The school also has a computer lab, a master library and small classroom libraries in every class and a teachers’ resource room to help teachers develop learning materials for children.