What We Do

At Chirag, we work closely with communities in 188 villages in Nainital, Bageshwar and Almora districts in Uttarakhand, India. Development and human activity have had a significant impact on this rich but fragile ecosystem. The socio-economic, cultural and environmental backdrop of the region is changing. The natural springs are drying up, the rainfall pattern is erratic and the monsoon is delayed, all of which contribute to a growing drinking water crisis. Youths of the region are not keen on agriculture and horticulture, therefore the migration to urban areas is increasing. Simultaneously, the tourism sector is growing rapidly and the land prices are skyrocketing. As a result, Chirag has to continually reassess its strategies to keep up with the region changing conditions.

Currently, we deal primarily with issues relating to Natural Resource Management, Education, Health and Livelihood programs. Our teams continue to strive to meet the region needs and with over thirty five years of experience, we also train and offer technical support to other organizations in the region and further afield.